Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting Along With The Other Side

While watching the book talk on The Parties Versus The People, one point that was mentioned was that many people only interact with people who watch the same news, read the same books, and listen to the same music, etc.

The author says that we need to get along with people with different ideas.

I tried to get along with one of the people who I debated on the capitol square on the day of the Wisconsin governor's recall.

We had a reasonable debate.  (My opponent did call me a racist.)

After a while my opponent said that we would not get along.  I said, "Why not? There's a bar right there; I'll buy you a beer."  My opponent recoiled in disgust and said, "no."

I wonder what I could have done to have been more agreeable.

Earlier in the day I debated with a guy.  He got really wound up  and a woman, on his side, told him that I was being a reasonable debater, but he was getting out of hand.  After I debated the woman, and not changing my mind, she told me that she understood why the guy before him got so wound up.  Even though I was debating just like I do online in the Debates in the Comments, about the only response that I got was name calling.

I expect that we will continue to interact only with people who think and act the same way that we do ourselves. 


  1. Unfortunately there really is no equivalence. The problem is entirely with the left and their social inadequacies.

    1. True enough. Wait until you see monday's post of all of the names and insults directed at me in my huffington post comments.