Monday, September 24, 2012

Huffington Post Comments: Review I

I thought that it would be interesting to reflect on the comment debates that I have had at the Huffington Post over the last few weeks.  I've been commenting and replying for a while, but I think that it is time to look for any trends that have occurred.

In this Part I we will look at all of the names that I have been called, and all of the different ways I have been insulted by my fellow commentators.

Insults and Name Calling from Me:

Insults and Name Calling from My Opponents:

-You do go all over the place, don't you?

- Or are you one of those dreamers who thinks the budget can be balanced with no defense cuts--trust me, so called entitlements for seniors are peanuts compared to what has been spent on the DoD since 2001

-Mouthpiece for the crooks. [the entire reply to one of my comments]

-You seem to be taken in by the Republican grift I see.

-As I said, there is one born every minute, so the Republican "base" will be forever renewed with more suckers. You appear to represent this base well.

-Do you think that you will ever wake up to their grift?

-Uh..Ok. I see you are a deep thinker.

-Finally, Bloomberg is a Republican you nit wit. [Oh, really.]

-And you think that something is privatizing SS (so retirees can watch them vanish in another crash like 2008) and making medicare a system of vouchers.... right. SMDH. Genius plans.

-Oh please do show which banks were nationalized lol, appreciate that.

-Well, sucker, that is because your list does not represent the actual "ideas" of these Republicans.

-Perhaps you should get in touch with this Nigerian prince who is looking for help. He has millions of dollars that he would like to give you, if only he could cut through some government red tape.

-Because trickle down is a joke ! Next question.

-Stop regurgitating the GOP talking points and get some information. Read!

-Freedom?! You are kidding, right?

-Those are only the Republican talking points. The reality is very different as Reich explained so eloquently.

-Yes, you do fail to see.

-LOL. I guess you haven't really read the GOP platform.

-Right??? I wonder how much thought goes into some comments.

-Unless your point is control who learns and who doesn't, which is exactly what it sounds like to me.

-If all teachers decided not to teach, our nation would crumble.  Argue that... [I did.]

-Your're are too late timmy-- people are aready reaping the benefits... you'll have to pry it out of their cold dead hands!!!

-get real.

-go try it and find out

-Wrong. Republicans thinking = no logic just republican spin

-It is amazing how we pick and choose what data and information we want to believe. Well you would have to be that way to swallow the lies that Mitt & Ryan are feeding you.

-The idea of a gilded age nirvana of small government comes from loony rightists inhaling or smoking something they shouldn't.

-Yes, this progressive does indeed smell the sarcasm. Ironic though (you DO understand irony, right?) how the "corruption" you cite doesn't exist.

-Thanks for pointing out the sardonic nature of your comment, because on first read it only seemed steeped in partisan banality.

-(hoping you can read):

-So to you, freedom equals the goal of business but does not equal the right to a decent paying job? In other words the bottom line is more important than human rights and capital will just fly where it can live freely by exploiting desperate human units for labor and consumption. Great!

-That last sentence is a half truth, if not an outright lie. Working class Americans live WORSE than their counterparts in countries with stronger worker protections.

-And you demonstrate your total lack of understanding in one sentence.

-Believe it or not, there's more to it than that. Do some homework.

-I think elTim went with "or not". ;-)

-Is that what rush told you?


-Take a biology class and understand the difference.

-You have the intellectualism of a child

-hello???? It was Obama who got Osama Bin Laden and was told so what by the GOP!Bush said it wasn't a priority!No one is killing babies for God's sake,quit the hyperbole.It just makes you sound foolish.Soon the right will be so much in the minority as to be unable to get into power ever again.Soon.

-If you think that the only women who get abortions and are pro choice are on the left , then you are living in a separate universe.

-Walter Williams? Lol....looks like we got a Libertarian in the house...

News Flash: economic growth and affluence don't automatically result in happiness and increased quality of life.

-Of course what we're talking about is a structural problem that can't be solved by soundbites from competing economic world views, yours from tinfoil hat land, mine from the planet Earth.

-And yes, apart from partisan spin/rhetoric...the economy is appreciably better...that is of course if you judge it by facts and stats.

- I will assume you're asking a genuine question, so I will answer you seriously. Look at GDP, employment, consumer confidence, the unfreezing of credit, manufacturing, construction, corp profits, stock market, and string retail, housing auto, banking recoveries. They all have numbers for Fall '08 vs today. make the comparisons. You'll find your answer. We call 'em facts and stats

-Almost as wealthy as if we re-institutionalized slavery!

Think of how wealthy we'd be if labor was free from those who are inferior to us!

Life was so much better when aren't safe guards in place to protect the basic human rights of the people, like the ability to pay for food and shelter, right?

God bless China.  

-I didn't call anyone mean - your faulty assumption, not surprisingly. I'm just sayin, if you're going to enact laws that affect the poor I think you should actually spend some time understanding that challenges and obstacles to being poor.

-If you don't know the answer to your own questions, then you will be knocked on your feet if you help elect republicans.  Then you will find out along with everyone else who doesn't understand how lower taxes and less government spending hurt.  You will all find out together how much you miss the government programs that the Republicans will cut.  

-Bull pucky!!! The ONLY way that is true is if you blame Obama for the over 4 million jobs that were lost BEFORE his first budget took effect.

-DUE TO TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS!!! THE GOP'S GOD MILT FREEMAN. it has nothing to do with anything obama did or didnt do!! the 'PEOPLE ' WHO VOTED IN THIS CONGRESS IS TO BLAME!!!!!

-Learn to use the google.

-You have created a strawman. You do not know what Democrats believe. Ergo, you are projecting your fears on them. None of that is factual.

-There is your evidence. This is what I am talking about. No one can show you anything. You can't pin the first year on Obama when the free fall was JUST STARTING when Bush was leaving. That's like saying if McCain had won magically the economy would have stopped losing the 800,000 jobs a month. There is no way anyone can honestly believe that. You are a partisan hack.

You ignore evidence when a simple google search "Obama Bush job growth" would have pulled that link. You are willfully ignorant

-I already owned you once and that's why I stopped replying. You ignored my posts and sent me on these ridiculous scavenger hunts. Bush turned a 200 billion surplus into a 1.2 trillion deficit. Tax cuts did not create jobs. End of story. As I said, I already thorough owned you.

-So while the private sector was recovering and adding jobs the GOP and the likes of Ryan were tossing public sector jobs out the back door, just so they could keep unemployment high and blame it on Obama. And those are the guys you want to defend. Whatever.

-Except the facts do not support your claim so no, we cant agree when your opinion is just that and you avoid the facts...typical but facts are facts.

-That's your idea of "responsibility"...really?

-hmmm....thats odd...the stats from OMB and other government sources seem to contradict what you say....oh well...

-You're funny. And ignorant.

-You're not making any sense; you're all over the map here. Try to concentrate on one thing at a time.

-Then you just aren't paying attention to your leadership, like Bachmann, Gohmert, King,.etc, etc, etc.  [editor's note: Who, in the wide world of sports, is Gohmert? and King?]

- The Constitution says we ALL have equal rights. Since Insurance companies have been providing free Viagra for men so they can get women pregnant, how dare you think birth control being also provided is not also important? Stop repeating FOX lies here. We kinow the difference.

-I like the words "unsubstantiated drivel" I 've known a few people quite happy with their SS/Medicare checks. Your 3rd paragraph reads like this to me: &^%)>:@#^&

-It ALL helps, bozos.

-I'll bet you've a whole lot more fear mongering and propaganda where that BS came from?

-How about cutting your pay, elTim, and saying, ":It wouldn't make any difference to you. The Republican, Tea party lies are long ago worn out, and we're fed up with you coming here and repeating them.

-Who the hell do think the "Government" is?  It is US (We the People), and the taxes you whine about are the costs we decide TOGETHER are essential in order to have a decent civilization.   When YOUR lordships (i.e the Crooked Billionaire Club) are given unwarranted degrees of control in our moments of stupidity, then the system becomes a fire-hose of corporate welfare.
"Liberty" is having an equal say in these decisions - because it only make sense to build roads and fight disease and inspect meat and police our streets and promote healthy elk herds and study climate and .....hundreds of other that that you can call, like Jefferson and Madison did, the "General Welfare".

You guys fight and foam at the mouth to make sure we have as little of this freedom as possible - to ensure that Crooked Billionaires can outbuy and sell us in the feudal political market created by the Citizens United decision.  Your side are eager, eager peasants to economic usurpers.
The answer is not to make government smaller - its to widen the base, so no one interest can out-vote you and I.

-No I didn't. Those are your words. [ed note: I doubt it.] 

-what you teacons cannot seem to grasp is that ayn rand and jesus are at mutually exclusive and opposite ends of the spectrum

cognitive dissonance is the only thing that keeps your heads from expl0ding

-Keep telling yourself that. I'm sure your corporate overlords appreciate it. Go right on believing that Mr. Ryan's plan will prevent "government" from "interfering" with -you-, not from interfering with -them-. And please, go right on believing that once our corporate masters are freed from "government interference," they will allow you to "live freely."

-You are welcome. I do not want the kind of "freedom" and "liberty" that the radical Christian right is trying to shove down my throat. I am too old to learn the Goose step.

-If you feel you lack so much freedom and liberty...why not make your life easier and buy an island somewhere and be your own god?

-Why is your side always starting off with a big lie?
You do understand that the size and the cost of government has gone up more under republicans than with dems?
It is a fact. What are some of the ones you complain about the most? The EPA?
Nixon created the EPA to make the people pay for toxic waste clean up of sites polluted by private companies.
Health Insurance? Another Nixon deal.
Down to the last biggest increases in the size and cost of government by your hero GW Bush, remember the department of homeland security? How about medicare part D? If you learn what you are talking about you won't be so ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-The govenrment could do no worse in your anti-government fantasies and a lot better in my anti-fascist ones.

-Lose your job and get sick. Then post again.

-Bet you're one of those who favors no cuts to the defense budget. OK...why should one American be forced to pay for a junior enlisted person's family expenses for a family he/she could never afford tto support if he/she weren't in the military? Cuts both ways Bunky. just hate those who don't share your country club/libertarian "me first and always" philosophy.

-We don't ned to "confiscate" all of the wealth of the top 1% this year. Don't be stupid. All we need is to return tax rates to what they were during King Reagan's reign year after year for a few years and the deficit will be gone shortly. Use your God given brain elTim164.

-The "framing" of the conversation is less than honest.

-You have no idea what the Democrats are talking about, do you?

-You still have no idea, I'm sure.
- You didn't have any idea about that did you? Or you wouldn't have made the claim.

-So, you're still clueless.

-I'm insulting you because you have adopted a misogynistic view of society that is part of the problem.

-Can't happen to you? Be real.

-I'm making this personal because it's personal. It affects all of us. I have insurance, and you don't.

-You're illiterate, too. I said specifically that their policies are failures. And they are. As for the federal budget, the constitution says that's up to congress . . . Which represents yet another republican failure

-if you don't know

you are not smart enough to be on this thread

or any thread for that matter

-If you think what comes out of your car's exhaust pipe is harmless may I suggest you close yourself up in the garage with the car running.


Well wasn't that a fun trip down memory lane?

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