Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Huffington Post Comments, 9/11/2012 Part III

Our friend from previous comments, here and here, is back.  This time to accuse me of wanting to control who gets educated.


Private school sounds great, but how do you educate those who can't afford it?  Unless your point is control who learns and who doesn't, which is exactly what it sounds like to me.  If that is the case, there will never be any upward mobility in the United States; the poor will stay poor and the rich will stay rich, and it will all be determined by who can be educated or not.  That is why we have public education.  Everyone pays taxes, so everyone can utilize it.


Private schools would be much more affordable if people did not need to pay property taxes for public school.

I am surprised at how little you think of those who disagree with you. I thought that we just had a difference of opinion about what is best.

How does not wanting to give teachers raises (out of my pocket) = wanting to control who gets an education? That is an incredible leap in logic.

The rest of your comment involves the use of a "strawman". You decided what my argument is (incorrectly), and then you have argued that that position (which is not mine) is bad.

"Everyone pays taxes." This is true. Why can't those of us on the right ask for results for our tax dollars, at the very least? We rank 14th internationally in education despite already spending more than almost every other country on education.

Why is it so objectionable to be opposed to increasing the salaries and benefits of teachers who already make much more than average salary of the citizens of Chicago? ($76,000 to $45,000)

Especially when those salaries and benefits come from the citizens who work in the private sector? 

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