Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DNC Convention

So I'm hearing part of a speaker at the DNC. 

She says that the democrats want everyone to play with the same rules, and in the next sentence, says that Romney wants to help the rich.  Presumably because he opposed taxing the rich more; that is the stated goal of many on the left, including the President.

Can anyone explain to me how a progressive tax structure (taxing the rich more) means that everyone plays with the same rules?


Democratic ideas of fairness seem to be:

different tax rates for different genders = misogynistic

different tax rates for different races = racist

different tax rates for different incomes = same rules


If I haven't said so before I predict that the healthcare socializer from Massachusetts will beat the healthcare socializer from Illinois in November.


Paraphrase from an old post at

Its the democratic party not the democrat party.

One day someone said: "A democrat... ick."

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