Friday, September 21, 2012

Stop Nominating RINOs

Thanks to a post at Althouse, we can see that Scott Rasmussen, of the polling company, thinks that:

"The Republican base is looking for someone like a 21st century Ronald Reagan, who will display his faith in the American people. The Washington Republicans are more comfortable with politicians like George W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Though the establishment has dominated the party since Reagan left the White House, the 2012 election could well be the end of the line.

If Romney loses in November, the Republican base will no longer buy the electability argument for an establishment candidate. From the view of the base, the elites will have given away an eminently winnable election. Someone new, from outside of Washington, will be the party's nominee in 2016.

If Romney wins and does nothing to change the status quo, the economy will falter. He will end up as the second straight one-term president, and the nation will desperately be searching for an authentic outsider in 2016.

If he wins the White House, the only way for Romney to succeed will be to side with the nation's voters and throw out the club in Washington. That will be great news for the country but bad news for political insiders on both sides of the partisan aisle."

It would be great of Romney won and actually tried to reduce the size of the government.  But who actually thinks that that will happen?

Perhaps someday we'll nominate a republican for president who actually wants to reduce the size of government.  Let's stop nominating big government republicans.

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