Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why I Still Watch The NFL

In the fall of 2010 I had decided that I had had enough of watching football because of all of the new rules, that even the broadcast commentators don't understand yet.  And I miss all Sunday games because I'm deer hunting on Sundays.  I watched only one Packer game and one Steelers/ Ravens game during the regular season.

But I'm from Wisconsin which, I think, comes with a required Green Bay Packers fan-ship.  And the Packers did well in the post season and won the super bowl.  I thought that that was well and good, but I did not care for the new rules and regulations, which included an attempt to eliminate kickoff returns for safety reasons.  As a result I missed watching the quarterback for my team have the best regular season in football history.  I watched their quick exit from the playoffs, though.

This season its come to the point where if a preseason game is on, and I'm in a bar or someplace with a tv, then I'll watch but with much indifference.

I will go a bit out of my way to see the Packers play a game or two this year, but I am unenthused about it.  I don't care to understand all of the new rules.  I don't care to hear about the complaints about the replacement officials. 

I see now that football is merely a seasonal and temporary amusement.  Its not really worth the time and effort to play fantasy football or to watch every game every Sunday.

I suppose that this is how most people feel about politics, which makes sense.

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