Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cool It With The Negative Waves

I became interested in politics when I saw Ann Coulter on tv.  I thought that she was having a lot of fun.  But somewhere along the way I stopped reading her columns and buying her books (about the time she endorsed Romney in 2008).  She and many like her, Michelle Malkin for one, are certainly assets to the republicans and I generally agree with them.  However, it is tiring to always hear about how dumb, corrupt, hypocritical, etc. democrats and liberals are.  There's a reason was always my favorite political website, it was fun.

Many writers in the manosphere have done well by pointing out the flaws in feminism and modern women.  This is a fine, and necessary thing.  But how many blogs and articles need to be written about how bad feminists are?  How much must we read about how sloppy and fat women are becoming?

Many people seem to be doing well criticizing some group or another, and too few seem to be aimed towards adding knowledge and experience to helping others become better at something.

We need more bloggers writing about how to improve ourselves and fewer on the evils of our enemies.

We need more blogs like Chef in Jeans and Masculine Style.

I, for one, would appreciate it if more of us would pick a subject we know something about and write about that rather than how bad some group of people is.

(Why I'm wrong with this post.)

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  1. RINO, bought and paid for. Just more of the same, with good hair and a nice figure. Meh.