Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Have I mentioned...

...that you should read The Wild Wheel?

History. Economics. Politics. Philosophy. Manufacturing. Design. Business. ...

They said: "You won't believe it either. There
stands the car in the middle of the floor, nearly finished
so far as we can make out. Every morning the engineers
gather around it, just looking at it, waiting for Ford
to appear. When he comes he reaches inside, rattles
something, shakes his head and says, 'That won't do.
You've got to think of something better than that.' One
of them says, 'Can you think of anything, Mr. Ford?'
He rattles the thing again, walks a little off and comes
back, makes some pencil marks on a piece of paper,
hands it to them and says, 'Try something like that.'
The next morning they gather round the car again, and
when Ford comes in he asks, 'Got it on?' They say,
'Yes, Mr. Ford.' He reaches in, rattles the thing again,
whatever it is, makes a gesture of disgust and says,
'That's worse.' With that he walks off, leaving them
there gazing at the car. It's like that day after day,
with the whole country screaming for the new Ford car.
We don't understand it."

-page 65-66

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  1. Thank you for the link. Interesting read.