Friday, September 14, 2012

Comment Debate

For those of you you have been reading my comment debates here, I'd advise you to look at this comment debate at Eric Peters Autos.

This fundamental right to self defense, and by extension the right to possess the means to do so, also provides us with the ability to NOT just submit and obey when wrongly assaulted by state actors. This is a fundamental right guaranteed by our Constitution, which the Indiana state legislature recently upheld. That led to a great deal of moaning and gnashing of teeth by the tax-feeder class, as you may be aware. You see my dear Elisabeth, the Second Amendment is the final check and balance in this system of government. It is in place not just so we can defend ourselves in the absence of the “authorities” (since they are seldom around when you actually need them anyway); but so we would have the means to defend ourselves from the “authorities” which will keep them in awe of an armed populace.  These are apparently the very reasons Cloverius Americanus seems to despise “the right.”

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