Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Debating the Left

I have been amused to try to debate the left in the comments section of the Huffington Post (I'll be trying other websites soon).

Do you blog readers have a preference for how you would like me to display these exchanges?

Previously I have had a lengthy series of responses from one opponent.  After that I posted all of the exchange.  Here and here.

I will post all lengthy series of exchanges when they occur, but those depend heavily on my opponent's responses and I cannot predict when those will occur.

I have also just posted the replies that I received that I thought were amusing. Here and here.

Next week I will post my comments followed by their responses. 

Please, bear with my formatting arrangements as I will need to copy the whole format of the comment section over there.  That comment section is way too big for me to just direct you to a particular exchange.

Would you like to see all of their responses, or just the ones I find amusing?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

I am adding a new tag "Debates in the Comments" for these series, should you wish to read some of the earlier debates.

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