Sunday, September 2, 2012

Soupy George and More!

Yesterday I posted two songs from 7 Seconds of Love.  Soupy George is something else, but if you go to you can click the link to "our songs" and see all of the songs and videos from Joel.

Watch: "Soupy George," "The Internet is Made of Cats," "I'm Going To Kick You In The F*ck," "Love Me Like You Used To," "Kelp," "My Cat's Got Knees," "Hitting Pigs With Hammers," "Why Gooses Fly," "The Beetard," and there's too many good ones to name!  (Though there are some bad ones.)

How about an example: "Cake"

Note also, that this blog's official song is in their "other songs" section.

Watch "Beer Beer Beer" and "Splendid."

I'll not post the video here, but watch "Mr. Stabby." It's not nice at all.


Matt Forney recently called this blog something like "a happy place of sunshine."

Watch "Mzungu" and then not be happy.

If that didn't work try "Agamemnon."

I suppose now you'll never take any of my musical advice seriously. sigh.

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