Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Point Against A Prosperous Future

Another interesting article at ericpetersautos.com "55 mpg is Going to Cost Us"


"Well, the stage has been set for what may prove to be the final implosion of the car industry. Caesar – oops, President Obama – has “finalized” his decision that CAFE will be upticked from the merely outrageous (by economic and engineering standards) 35.5 MPG in 2016 to the economically catastrophic 55 MPG – average – by model year 2025.  (See here for Caesar’s decree.)

The Great Law Giver – who apparently also holds the title of Chief Engineer – saith this will “save Americans $8,000 a year.” He does not telleth them, of course, what it will cost."


"Someone is going to have to pay for Caesar’s 35.5 MPG car – and then his 55 MPG car.
Whom do you suppose that will be?

That’s right. As consumers, we’ll “save” $8,000 on gas. But we’ll also probably pay at least $8,000 more for the car itself. New technologies don’t just pop into existence, notwithstanding the endlessly arrogant conceit of the imperator.  They have to be conceived, designed and engineered. This requires some money, usually. And it will require especially clever – and very likely, not-free – engineering to reconcile the demand for a 55 MPG car that’s also a reasonably safe car. One that passes muster with Caesar, that is.
A 2013 Prius costs $24,000 to start. Do you suppose, with all the costs discussed above folded in, plus inflation, that the Future 55 MPG Prius will cost the same? Or is it reasonable to expect it will cost more.

Probably, it will cost a  great deal more."

I say, "Vote for Obama.  The faster the country is destroyed, the faster we'll be able to rebuild it."

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