Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Police

I had been recording incidents of police wrongdoing here, when I stumbled across them.  I'm suspicious of what may happen to me if the police see that I am doing this.  Police brutality is wrong and many of us should be speaking out against it.  But, with this issue, I am not brave enough to continue.

I'll leave this subject with a link to a post at The Strangest Brew, "What Would Happen If They Did Go On Strike?"

He lists a series of recent stories of police brutality.  They're worth reading about.


  1. Tweeted Tim, and I wish I had found this. Great job but don't worry about them coming to get you it's not that time yet.

    1. I'm not risking it, and this is not where I would want to take my stand. Come after my guns though...

      Thanks for the tweet.