Sunday, July 15, 2012

An Interesting Article on Lure Colors

Color Selection Simplefied

by Rodger Lee Brown

"How many of you anglers who walk into Tackle Shops, Discount Stores, K-Marts, WalMarts, etc., go straight to the sporting goods department, look for the fishing rods sticking up in the air to zero in on the Fishing Lures and Plastic Baits section? Then, when you get there, you start looking over all of the enormous selections of all the different baits and different colors that are offered by the many bait companies that are on the market today, and you're not really sure of exactly what is really needed. So "The Big Question" comes to mind; "What colors do I really need?" especially when looking over all the plastic baits. Well, let me tell you a little secret that most anglers don't know! That is, "You don't need a multitude of colors in your arsenal." That's right! And let me say it again..... "You don't need every color that you see!" Now, some anglers may say, "Well my partner and I use this certain color on this certain body of water, and it catches a lot of bass." Or others may say, "I saw this magazine article from one of the top Pros, and he said to use this yellow, spotted, half stripped, 7-inch, curly tail, floating, thing-a-ma-jig plastic made by so-and-so. And I saw a picture in the magazine of the 14 lb. bass he caught off of this certain plastic bait, and now I've really got to have some of these."
   Now before we get started, let me explain something to you. The Bassin' Industry is a "Multi-Billion Dollar Industry" today and growing more and more every day. Most of the Pros that give these "Bass Seminars" have an obligation to their sponsors to demonstrate, promote, and advertise their sponsored product (Nobody gives anything for free anymore!)."

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