Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hair Care

Being a guy, I don't know much about hair care or products or whatever.  But since march of 2011 I have not gotten a haircut, so my hair is rather long.  I've heard lots of different thoughts on what is best for maintaining your hair. 

RooshV has said that he gets lots of complements with his conditioner only strategy.  When I tried conditioner only for about 3 week (I was trying a new brand and didn't notice that it was not shampoo for a while.) I found my hair to become brittle, I got split ends for the first time, it got tangled more easily, and I got dandruff.  It could, of course, be that the weather was dry here and/ or we have different hair types, etc.

I have also constantly heard that you should only wash you hair 2 or 3 times per week.  When I tried that I got really tangled and greasy feeling hair.

My strategy for hair care has been:
1. take a shower nearly every day
2. wash hair with one of the "Head & Shoulders" shampoos
3. comb hair when I can't run my fingers through it

This has given me clean shiny hair, that does not tangle as easily, no dandruff, and many envious compliments from hairdressers (back when I was getting it cut).   And the best part of my strategy is that I don't think it could be simpler.

When I was in college I shared a room.  One year with a new roommate we each had our own soap and shampoo.  Mine was Head and Shoulders, his was something else.  After a few weeks his old shampoo was gone and he too had a bottle of Head and Shoulders.

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