Wednesday, July 25, 2012

People who own Priuses are unpleasant.

By following a tweet from RooshV I came across this video of an unpleasant "woman" harassing a guy and swearing at him in front of his kids.  His perceived crime? Driving a diesel truck.  "She" was of course in a prius.

This reminded me of my favorite story involving a prius:  I was driving down a country road and got stuck behind a car.  When I discovered that it was a prius my first thought was, "someone in a prius would love to hear what my sports car sounds like when I floor it."  Generally if someone passes another at night the passed person turns off his /her brights.  When I floored it past that prius the driver turned off their brights when I began and turned them back on as soon as I was around to fill my mirrors with glare. It was quite an ungentlemanly act on their part.  I was amused immensely. 

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