Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Political Canidate Quiz

I found an interesting political quiz to decide which presidential candidate I should support, from this post at Althouse.  Usually when I see these sorts of things they have biased questions, but his one was quite good.

So my results show agreement between me and the following candidates:

Ron Paul 98%
Gary Johnson 97%
Mitt Romney 57%
Jimmy McMillan (The Rent is too Damn High Party) 31%
Virgil Goode (who is that?) 28%
Barak Obama 4%

It appears that I have much more agreement with "The Rent is too Damn High" loon than the president, and almost as much agreement with the loon as I do the Republican party.

If Gary Johnson isn't on the ballot, maybe I'll write in the loon's name.  I apparently think that he'd be a better president that the current one.

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