Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Policy vs. Politicians

I've spent some time over the last week writing comments on leftist blogs, trolling, I suppose.  It is interesting to read the other side's positions on the topics of the day.  And their commentors can often be quite silly. 

One place that I have not written many comments is at the Isthmus forums.   This is a newspaper that is local to me and full of liberal silliness, so you'd think that it would be fun to point out some of their flaws in logic.

I've just realized that the reason I don't comment their is because they often argue about particular politicians and quotes, while I find the policy issues to be more interesting. 

I think that it is often the case that libertarians are ignored because we are interested in the polices of the government not the people who make the policies.  If every voter read Ron Paul's "Liberty Defined" without knowing who wrote it, then I'd bet at least 85% of the voters would agree with almost, if not every, position but because of the way our political system works people say that they like some of his positions but would never vote for him.

I am amused by the fact that people often say that they want to elect people who aren't career politicians, but when Herman Cain ran for President the voters would complain about mistakes that he made that career politicians would not have.  The voters didn't realize that if we are going to elect a non politician, then we will need to accept some campaign mistakes as well.

And so we continue to elect politicians whose biggest qualifications are looking and sounding presidential.

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