Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Difference between Voters

I just came across a poll, through Althouse, which shows which issues are most important to Obama vs. Romney supporters.

If you look at the poll results, may I direct you to the second chart in the link, then we can compare what things both sides are interested in, the things one side is interested in, and the things neither side is all that interested in.

Issues both parties think are important:

"Reducing corruption in the Federal Government"
"Creating Good Jobs"
"Dealing with Terrorism and other International Threats"

Issues Obama supporters favor:

"Making healthcare available and affordable"
"Improving the nations public schools"
"Ensuring the long-term stability of Social Security and Medicare"

Issues Romney supporters favor:

"Reducing the federal budget deficit"

Issues neither sides all that interested in:

"Dealing with environmental concerns, such as global warming"
"Increasing taxes on wealthy Americans"
"Setting high moral standards for the nation"

This won't make it any easier or more difficult for the congress to accomplish anything, even the issues both sides agree are important, because the sides differ on how to change things.  But the issue I hear the most about from democrats is the increasing taxes on the wealthy, despite the population of the left being concerned more about several other things.

I suspect that the democrats pushing for higher taxes are really just hoping for an "I taxed the rich" award.


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