Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Debating the Left

I've spent the afternoon asking question to the commentators at the Huffington Post.

I think that I have been asking simple, logical, and polite, questions.  I have revived insults to my intellegence:

 "if you don't know

you are not smart enough to be on this thread

or any thread for that matter" -ram6968

suggestions to commit suicide:

"If you think what comes out of your car's exhaust pipe is harmless may I suggest you close yourself up in the garage with the car running." -Zevonia

and some name calling.

You should all try to debate liberals, its quite fun.  Last time I debated liberals in public I got called: "a clown," "racist," "close minded," and an "idiot."

Do those of you not debating politics see what you are missing?

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