Sunday, July 29, 2012

Khan Academy

In my last post I referenced a quarterly report from the Mulhenkamp Fund.

One of the things referenced was the Khan Academy.

This is a website that has free instructional videos on a variety of subjects and they are very informative and helpful.  I've only watched a handful of them on finance, but that website has always gotten good reviews.

If you want knowledge on the subject, then forget overpriced unproductive, and all around vile colleges, look through the Khan Academy first.  I'll bet that you will learn more from this website, and at your own pace, than you would taking several college classes.

If your reason for attending college is the girls may I suggest merely putting a book under your arm and waking across the campuses about 15 minutes before each hour (10:45, 11:45, etc.), and then doing what Roosh says. 

Day Bang by Roosh V

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