Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Economy

So I'm reading the quarterly report from the Guy in charge of the Muhlenkamp Fund, and apparently this company had a seminar with their panel of experts about the economy and the future of our investments with them, which you can look at here.

My dad thinks that Ron Muhlenkamp explains the economy as well as anyone.

The questions involve things like inflation, employment numbers, market numbers, and so forth.

But one answer to a question about how our upcoming elections will effect the economy was to say that we can look at examples of some states who are trying to control spending, like Wisconsin and Texas, and states that aren't, like Illinois and California.  The way the country was founded was in the belief that each state would be mostly independent and if one state did something well others could copy and vice versa.  Federal laws, like Obamacare, do not allow the experimentation in the states to occur,  everyone will sink or swim together.

The summary from the mutual fund points out several other ways that the government is interfering with the economy which is preventing the growth necessary to reduce unemployment.  One expert on the panel pointed out that as an employer he does not know what the employment rules, etc., are so he cannot predict if he should acquire long term assets, like people.

The governments of europe and the United States are interfering dramatically in the markets and we are seeing the effects of their results right now.

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