Friday, July 27, 2012


I recently heard someone say something to the effect of: "Everyone things that their own personal taste in music is original and eclectic, it isn't."

I suspect that whoever said that is correct.

It is always good, it seems to me, to look high and low for new and interesting music that is not played, and overplayed on your local radio station.

In any case here is the list of musicians on my mp3 player, it stupidly lists artists by their first name (yes. I am drunk as I type this.):

7 Seconds of Love, have you heard "Soupy George"?

AC/DC, my vote for best band ever

Adele, She's actually very good.

Bonnie Raitt, "Hear me Lord" is one of my favorite songs.  I really like the style of her music.

Buddy Guy, "You're Damn right I got the Blues" and also an album about not having anything but the blues.

Cee Lo Green, I was impressed with his Thanksgiving 2011 singing, and I'm not impressed by much.

Charlie Parker, an old time jazz musician, okay, but not as good as I'd hoped.

Dexy's Midnight Runners, "Come on Eileen"  they are reasonably good.

Dire Straits, need I say more?

Donna Lewis, I like, "I love you always forever."  Do you want to revoke my "man card"?

Fiona Apple, meh.

Foo Fighters, not as good as I thought they were before I bought an album.

Frank Zappa, every so often he has a few chords, or a line, that makes you completely forget the fact that you listened to a song for a half hour just so that you could hear, "I am fond of chiffon."  Some songs just have parts that are better than most anything else, ever.

George Thorogood, it could be that I listen to him just to hear him reference the original artists of his songs, and then I listen to them

Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, who else likes 70's British pop music brought to their attention by their dads?

John Lee Hooker, "Boom Boom" is that the best song ever? It might get my vote, even if I like his "Boogie Woman" better.

Howlin Wolf, is seriously under appreciated.  I pointed out earlier, that you could have been listening to Howlin Wolf before the beatles were around.  Even if they changed music you can keep your boy bands, give me more Howlin Wolf.  Apparently the Grateful Dead covered a lot of his songs.

Indigenous, are not bad.  Sort of modern okay music. They are pretty good now and again.

Journey, my best friend's favorite.  Not as good as I thought.

The Kinks, I got an album of theirs just for "Lola."  Did you know that its about a black guy? L-O-L-A, lola.

Kittie, a bunch of girls playing "death metal."  The start of "Sugar" might be the heaviest, metalist, music I've heard.  Even more than anything by Slayer.

KT Tunstall, is perhaps my favorite musician.  I use the radio any my mp3, but the CD slot in my car always has her latest CD in it.

Kylie Minogue, if my "man card" wasn't revoked after Donna Lewis it should be now.  "Love at first sight" is okay.  I really like it despite its insert generic beat here.

Leona Naess, her self titled album is quite nice

Lynyrd Skynyrd, who Doesn't have "Free Bird" on their mp3?

Mark Knopfler,  from Dire Straits.  He's pretty good by himself.

Megadeath,  the first CD I ever bought was their "Capitol Punishment."  It was my favorite in high school.

Melvins, I first heard about them when their leader, "King Buzzo" was on Fox News' Red Eye.  Their song " The Water Glass" was the first I'd heard of them.  Buy their "Nude with Boots" album, then bang your head.  I would have never heard of them had I not watched Red Eye.  This band really awakened me to the stuff that I hadn't heard of before.

Muddy Waters, a contemporary of Howlin Wolf, and John Lee Hooker.  The recordings of his that I've heard are not that good.  But if you listen closely you can hear what inspired other bands like Savoy Brown.

Natalie Merchant, her songs are nice-ish.

Rachel Yamagata,  she has songs that make Enya sound like death metal.  I really like some of her stuff.  Although it seems to get worse with each new album.  Listen to "...Happenstance" it'd make my top 5, or 6, albums.

Ram Jam, an album bought only for "Black Betty."  A reasonably good song.

Rob Zombie,  if I'm going to wreck my ears listening to music to loud its going to be Rob Zombie, or "Boogie Woman" by John Lee Hooker.

Todd Rundgren, "Bang the Drum all Day."  I defy you to listen to that song and not be happy.  The rest of his stuff is really bad.

Sara Bareilles, I quite liked her stuff, but then I was channel surfing and listened to her say that she liked the current, socialist, president and I cannot bring myself to listen to her anymore.  I've purposely ignored, and tried to avoid, everything that KT Tunstall has ever said so that she doesn't suffer the same lack of interest on my mp3.

Sara Evans, if I liked country music, then I'd listen to Sara Evans and Miranda Lambert.  (I don't like country music.)

Savoy Brown,  they could be the best underrated band ever.  Have you ever heard of them?  Listen to "Hellbound Train," on the album with the same name, late at night out on an abandoned road and you'd be unable to convince me that anything else is the best song ever.  I have nearly all of their albums and they are are perfect for any time or situation.  If I could only listen to one band, then Savoy Brown would be it.

Shakira, I do not like many celebrities.  Most celebrity women look good, but Shakira is about the only one I really like. I've almost been encouraged to learn more Spanish so that I understand more of her songs.

Shawn Colvin, her vocals are awesome, her songs are not good.

Susan Tedeschi, bluesy.  Some are juuust right.

Taj Mahal, indeed.

Tantric, just another band that came and went.  I imagine that if you were about high school age around 2003 you'd think that "Breakdown" is an okay song.

The Allman Brothers, good instrumental 60's band.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, I heard a song of theirs on a commercial for Heineken beer.  it is interesting.

The Pogues, they have a good song or two from Ireland.

Van Morrison, is he not more talented than most anyone?  Al of his stuff is good.  Of course you've heard, "Brown Eyed Girl."

Warren Zevon, I don't have "my song" but if I did it would be one of his.  For a couple of months I listened to him exclusively.   I then needed a break and listened to other things for the hour it took to reach a certain place.  On the return trip I turned Warren back on. "Werewolves of London"

Yoko Kanno, I am more impressed by the anime "Cowboy Bebop" than I am of nearly anything.  Her music is awesome, with or without the anime.

ZZ Top, do they really only have around 2 good songs?

After typing all of this I am still drunk.  But for as long as I keep this blog I will know what it was I listened to during 2002-2012.

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