Friday, July 27, 2012

Commenting at the Huffington Post

Apparently if you are on the right politically and comment at the Huffington Post, not only do you get suggestions to kill your self, but also called names.

Getting called "stupid" or an "idiot" by someone from the left isn't new or interesting.  But this last response I got is just hilarious:

"You're illiterate, too. I said specifically that their policies are failures. And they are. As for the federal budget, the constitution says that's up to congress . . . Which represents yet another republican failure"  -Phxflyer

Get it? I was called "illiterate" in response to a comment that I ...wrote, I didn't even spell any words wrong.

Debating the left is just too much fun.

And I'm improving my writing skills; if I make a mistake I'm sure to hear about it.

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