Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello Russian Website Visitors!

The majority of viewers of this website come form the United States.  Considering that this blog is, in theory, about muskies (native only to North America), Whitetail Deer (native only to North America), and the politics of America this is not suprising.

Quite a number of Russians have also visited this blog of mine.

Hello, you Russians.

Prior to reading Neil Skywalker's "Around the World in 80 Girls" I would not have considered visiting your country, but after reading that book I am very interested in visiting.

If any of you Russian readers of this blog would like to tell me anything about your country, in comments or by emailing me: I would be ecstatic to learn more about Russia.  Please sing the praises of your country; I want to know more.

I promise that I will pay for a drink, or eight, if we meet in person.

I am currently convinced that our American politicians, and government, couldn't get much worse.  And I am considering moving to China or Brazil.  If you Russians can convince me to move to Russia, then I would be eternally grateful.

I really look forward to any response that you may have!

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