Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Smallmouth Bass in NW Ontario

A lot of people used to go to NW Ontario to go fishing.  But due to the economy, Canadian law enforcement (which is surprisingly worse than they are here), and this year's weather many people are no longer going.  This was the first year in 14 I wasn't fishing in Canada during the last week of June.

Here are three different ideas on catching smallmouth bass while you're up there during the spring (usually June/ July up there).

Find some rocks that are bigger than basketballs, shouldn't be too hard in the Canadian shield.  During the spring look for the rocks that are between 3-12 feet deep.  If there are railroad tracks along the water then the rocks that were removed to make way for the track and the rocks under the roadbed will usually be a good spot.

If the fish are active, then a small spinner or beetle spin casted over the rocks will probably give you the most action.

If the fish are not as active you might try a deep diving crankbait, like a Rapala Shad Rap.  Cast it past the rocks and crank it down over the top of them.

If the fish aren't active at all, then put on a jig with either some Berkley Powerbait or a minnow.  I always like a 1/16 oz jig, silver or gold preferred, and a 3" or 4" powergrub, white is never a bad choice.  Find a big rock and drop the jig down to the bottom right alongside the rock.  Even if a fish is inactive a jig dropped right on top of him should elicit a response.  A cast on both side of the rock should be enough, then move on to the next rock.

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