Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tommy Thompson for Senate

I'm listening to my favorite talk radio show, Up Front with Viki McKenna, and former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson is on, as he is running for senate.  He sure sounds like he is making a good case for himself.  The arguments against him are that he is only a moderate conservative, but I wouldn't know because when he ended his term as governor I was 14.  His website and his competitors' websites are full of platitudes, but he sounds good.

He pointed out that under current healthcare laws the things people are required by law to get healthcare insurance for is huge.  I, being a health young male, am required to buy pregnancy insurance as part of any healthcare insurance I may get.  Being male, I'm unlikely to get pregnant, and that is just the start of things everyone who gets healthcare insurance is required to pay for.

I'd like to get catastrophic healthcare insurance, say with a $5,000 deductible, and be able to shop across the country.  But neither of those things is currently legal.

In any case both Tommy Thompson and Eric Hovde sound good to be Wisconsin's next senator and I haven't decided which one I prefer yet. 

I doubt that it will make much difference anyway; the government will not get much smaller anytime soon anyway.  And freedoms will still be restricted by the government, whoever is elected.

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