Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Website Idea

I have an idea for a website.

If I want some knowledge about a particular topic I may or may not know where to go in order to find that information.  I realize that there are search engines, but I would like to see a place with a series of links to blogs and websites and forums on a series of subjects.

I have knowledge on a series of subjects and if I want more information on one of these subjects then I know where to look.  But if I want to find reliable information on a subject that I know little about, then I might try several Google searches without really finding what I want.

I'm thinking along the lines of everyday living and hobbies.  With a list of links to good blogs on subjects like: home repair, house buying, car buying, car repair, computer basics, consumer electronics, golf, hunting, fishing, website creation, etc.

If I have a question on which tablet to buy, I would like to go to this website idea find the link to the good consumer electronics blog/ website/ forum and find an expert whose knowledge I trust where I can learn.

Perhaps I'm trying to reinvent search engines. 

I may also just be too impressed with  I really like how well he writes and I know that if I have a question on picking up girls, I can go there and learn.  I think that a series of blogs/ websites/ forums each on a different subject with a good, reliable author would be useful.

This is one of the reasons that I started this blog.  I would like to have a reliable source for information on deer hunting and muskie fishing and I hope to be that.

If you know where a good blog on an everyday subject like: houses, cars, electronics, etc. is please let me know.

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