Monday, July 9, 2012

Benefits of Hunting Land

Owning, or similar, your own hunting land can be very enjoyable and improve your hunting and hunting satisfaction immensely.

On this page you can find links to pages detailing the advantages of owning and improving your hunting land, and how to do the improving. I have suggestions for selecting land, ways to improve it. I describe alternatives to having your own land, why cutting trees down can be important, why, where, and how to grow food plots, my experiences hunting food plots, why adding water can be more effective than adding food, the importance of deer sanctuaries, etc.

There are, of course, many uses for a property. But the hunting of bucks that are as big as possible, as effectively as possible, is my goal in hunting, and I have written the pages linked here with this in mind. If your goal is to hunt deer on a property that you also squirrel hunt, turkey hunt, atv, and snowmobile on know that these things may be fun, but they will harm your ability to hunt trophy bucks on that property. If you you use your property year round, continue to enjoy it, just be aware that you will have fewer and smaller bucks.

Another thing to keep in mind about owning land that you hunt on is that the deer that live their are not your deer. Without high fences you will not be able to keep the deer on your property with absolute assurance.

As for the ethics of hunting behind a high fence, its your property do what you want. As long as deer aren't tame I'd be fine hunting behind a high fence, but do what you like with your own property.

Be sure to post (no trespassing signs) your property and prosecute trespassers. Owning land won't do you any good if you let trespassers disrupt the deer on your property.

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