Sunday, July 1, 2012

Excellent Things, Part 1

Now that I've got my own blog there are some thing I'd like to record so that they are on screen and I can see how they appear outside of my head. 

One list is something that I have been considering for some time but have never gotten around to is a list of those things that are just better than their alternatives.  I've found that there are some things, and places, and people, etc. which just do their job better than any other option.  And so in what I hope will be a running topic on this blog I'll present my current list of things that are excellent.

In order to make it on this list a person, place, or thing, must impress me immensely, and I must have tried several alternatives which I've found to be clearly inferior.

Small crankbaits: Rapala crankbaits always work perfectly and even though they cost more than their alternatives I'll always use a Rapala over any other small crankbait.  The original floater and shad rap are always a good choice to catch a fish of nearly any species.   I caught about a 20 inch pike, 20 inch muskie (my smallest ever in Wisconsin), and a 19 inch smallmouth bass (pictured) a week ago with a gold jointed J-7 Original Floater.
19" Smallmouth Bass

Beer: Samuel Adams is, for my money, about the only beer worth drinking.  Like many others I drank a lot of beer when I was in college, unlike many other people I discovered that Sam Adams is far superior to any other beer.  Any beer , except Michelob, which is awful, is good; but Sam Adams tastes so much better.  Try this:  1 drink any other beer 2 drink a Sam Adams Boston Lager immediately after the first "beer"3 marvel at how much better Sam Adams is.

I can certainly appreciate why someone would really like Guinness, but Sam Adams is without a doubt my favorite beer; to the near exclusion of all others.

Autobiography/ book of African safaris: Bell of Africa by W.D.M. Bell. Bell of Africa is the autobiography one of the most successful elephant hunters of all time.  The dust jacket on my copy leads off the top of the back of the book with: "Perhaps the best elephant book by the best elephant hunter."  If it is the best book written by the best elephant hunter, then how can it be anything but the best book?

No other autobiography that I've read has compared to the knowledge and stories in "Bell of Africa."  Books like "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin" pale in comparison.  However, if there were a second place for quality autobiographies /books of African Safaris it would be Arthur Neumann's Elephant Hunting East Equatorial Africa.

Pending addition to my list:

The following are things that I've found to be excellent but I have not yet tried enough alternatives to know if I should forgo all alternatives.

Truck: Toyota
Cell Phone: Motorola
Debater: Dinesh D'Sousa
Video Game: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Author of Historical Fiction: Eiji Yoshikawa
Shampoo: Head and Shoulders
Political Humor Website:

If anyone knows of a product that is clearly superior to its alternatives please let me know.

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