Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My All Time Favorite Column

I'd like to point out that while we may debate various political issues and people of good faith can disagree, I'd like someone who is in favor of a minimum wage to read this column, by Walter Williams, from 2005, and then tell me where he is wrong and that you are still in favor of minimum wage laws.

Never have I been so convinced on any issue after reading or hearing anything. 

My favorite line: "The idea that minimum wage legislation is an anti-poverty tool is simply sheer nonsense. Were it an anti-poverty weapon, we might save loads of foreign aid expenditures simply by advising legislators in the world's poorest countries, such as Haiti, Bangladesh and Ethiopia, to legislate higher minimum wages."

And here is a follow-up, from 2011, further explaining minimum wage laws and their effects.

On another note:  The fact that Rick Santorum was in favor of these laws in 2005 and yet could have become the Republicans' presidential nominee in 2012 makes me question the whole party.  Although, I do think that Santorum was merely the last alternative to the squishy RINO they actually nominated.

(I nearly started a blog a few weeks before this one whose goal would have been to be entirely opposed to Mitt Romney for president.  As a commenter on this post about the republican nominee, said "Vote Democrat -- why settler for the lesser of two evils?")

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